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Child Therapy

​Parent and Family Therapy

The Center provides psychotherapy for children with a wide range of difficulties.  These include behavior problems, oppositionality, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, depression, gender identity, Aspergers, Nonverbal Learning Disability, learning and specific developmental disabilities, and school adjustment.   We are also experienced with children adjusting to a new culture and language, divorce and single parenting, medical and mental health illness and loss in the family as well as those coping with traumatic experience.


As with adults, the approach is integrative combining psychodynamic, behavioral and Parent/Family Therapy perspectives to foster emotional and social well-being, growth and development.


Dr. Kurzweil has a special interest and expertise in emotional problems of young children and with interactive play therapy.  She also has special training with adoptive children and families.


Treatment of children is done in conjunction with parent/family work to develop insight and attunement and to support the parenting relationship.  

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